WILSEN  I Go Missing In My Sleep
The debut album out now


1. Centipede
2. Garden
3. Kitsilano
4. Heavy Steps
5. Otto
6. Light Between The Leaves
7. Dusk
8. A Parting
9. Emperor
10. Final
11. Told You

Wilsen are Tamsin Wilson, Drew Arndt and Johnny Simon.

Recorded with producer Ben Baptie in both upstate New York and at The Farm Studio outside of Philadelphia, many of the songs were composed in a tiny Brooklyn apartment in the fleeting pre-dawn moments when New York City is mostly still.

These beautifully crafted original pieces capture an almost impossible sense of delicate quietness, and when it came time to record them with the band, they unfurled at a nexus of hushed and heart-racing, intimate folk paired with muscular yet restrained sonic experimentation.

“Tamsin Wilson has vocals that hit you with a power & beauty, forcing you to close your eyes and imagine some mystical wonderland of pine trees and foggy lakes.”

“Evokes the mood of Nick Drake and epic soundscapes in the vein of Arcade Fire.”

If you are based in North America, please note that this release is available from Secret City Records